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Emergency Animal Clinic of Topeka Offers Pet Deworming

Pet owners begin to suspect their dog or cat has worms when they find evidence in the stool or vomit. This discovery can be alarming event but can be easily treated by a veterinarian. At Emergency Animal Clinic of Topeka, in Topeka, KS, we offer safe and effective deworming of pets.


Intestinal Worms and Your Pet

Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, and tapeworms are the most common intestinal parasites in pets. These worms vary in shape and size, but they can all have a negative impact on your pet’s health. Humans can get intestinal worms from their pets, and children are most at risk of acquiring them because they often play on the floor or outdoors, where the animal spends time.

Symptoms of Intestinal Parasites

Pets that have intestinal worms often have diarrhea. You may even see worms or worm segments in the stool. Vomiting is a common symptom in both dogs and cats. You may find worms in the vomited material. Your pet may seem constantly hungry. Some types of stomach worms cause a diminished appetite. Your pet may lose weight, develop anemia and look in poor general condition. Some pets will scoot their butts along the ground or carpeting. Some types of worms cause abdominal pain. Your pet may seem depressed and lacking in energy.

Causes of intestinal worms are generally transmitted through contact with infected soil, food, water or feces. Puppies and kittens can also acquire worms from their mothers.

Diagnosing Intestinal Worms

The vet will examine a stool sample under a microscope, using a special solution that makes the worms easier to see. Based on the vet’s findings, appropriate deworming medication will be chosen to eliminate the worms. 

Treatment of Intestinal Worms

Commercial pet deworming products may not be fully effective for eliminating worms. Your veterinarian can provide appropriate medication for the specific type of worms found, and it will be one that will be safe for your pet’s specific needs. For recurring problems with worms, the vet may advise deworming medications on a regular basis.

Make Emergency Animal Clinic of Topeka Your Animal Hospital for Pet Emergencies

Dr. Thayer and the team at Emergency Animal Clinic of Topeka have the special training and experience need to help patients in Topeka, KS, and surrounding areas when a veterinary emergency arises. Our animal hospital provides acute surgery and treatment for animals in distress, as well as urgent care for sick pets. We also offer pet euthanasia. Call Emergency Animal Clinic of Topeka today at 785-272-2926 to have your pet checked and to learn about the emergency services we offer.


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